› Do you do same-day sessions?

For new subs, no. All in-person sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance; it will take at least this long to check your references or complete my screening process. I sometimes allow same-day video or phone calls for returning friends with at least 6 hrs notice, but I live a full and busy life so don’t assume I’m free just because you’re horny.

› Do you require a deposit?

If you’re new and we’re planning an in-person session, yes. Deposits are nonrefundable and secure my time + our location. This is a standard practice for most independent pro dommes.

› What if I’m new?

I love working with people who are new to the BDSM/kink scene. If you’re nervous and want an extended consultation, contact me and we can set up a tributed phone call, video call, or detailed email exchange to discuss. I’d also recommend reading this excellent guide for new subs by Daddy An Li.

› Do you see couples?

Yes- this is actually where I started, and I find it very fulfilling. Not everything has to be intense whips and chains: whether you’re looking to be topped, want dedicated kinky assignments to amp up your time in bed, or are simply looking for someone to teach your boyfriend how to spank you properly… contact me and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

› Can I be your slave/lifestyle sub?

No. I only accept lifestyle subs with whom I’ve established a high level of trust, rapport, and comfort. It takes a long time- often years- to earn this privilege, and my lifestyle submissives pay higher tributes for the privilege of serving me domestically. If you’re interested in more of a lifestyle experience, inquire about remote training/distance keyholding.

› Do you do social meets?

Yes, I'm happy to do tributed, socially-distanced meetups at outdoor bars or restaurants for $200/hr. This can be a great way to get more comfortable with each other before or debrief after a session.

› Do you offer sex?

No, I will not have sex with you; no handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs. No touching me anywhere unless I command it. If you’re interested in sexual contact, I recommend searching for a kink-friendly escort instead, paying their appropriately-higher rate, and making sure you tip generously.

› What about nudity?

No. While I enjoy teasing & denying, me remaining clothed is part of what reinforces our power dynamic and leaves you wanting more.

› What are your other limits?

Aside from scat, needleplay/bloodplay, and cop roleplays, my general limits are:

› What are your interests & specialties?

My favorite kinks include, but aren't limited to:

I'm happy to recount some of my favorite scenes or personal fantasies if you give me a call on Niteflirt.

› My kink is really obscure/taboo/niche. Are you into it?

I f*cking love obscure, niche kinks- especially of the roleplay variety. Everyone’s kinks are very individual, and the creative breadth is part of why I enjoy doing what I do. Even if your proclivities aren’t my personal cup of tea, I certainly won’t judge you for them.

› Do you like gifts?

Gifts always bring me joy- whether it’s a bottle of champagne, a pair of Louboutins, or a gift card for some new latex. Nothing makes me feel more valued than a thoughtful handwritten thank-you note with some cash tucked inside.

Note that gifts are not a replacement for tribute; I can't pay my rent in lingerie (sadly).

› Do you take bitcoin?

Happily. Contact me in advance for details.

› Do you ever offer discounts/trades?

Only for BIPOC- or femme-identifying humans. If you don’t publicly identify as either of these, please don’t insult me by requesting a lower rate. My time and energy are valuable and my tributes match accordingly.

No, I'm not interested in "trade" situations; I'm already an excellent photographer, programmer, carpenter, and seamstress. Thanks.

› What about privacy? Will anyone else see my email?

I’m a former digital privacy & security expert, and I have several high-profile submissives who chose me due to my extensive knowledge and discretion.

Learn more about my privacy protocols here: Privacy

› What’s your screening process?

I prefer recent references from other upscale dominatrices or independent sex workers with verifiable websites. Otherwise, I’ll request an alternate method of verifying your identity so I can screen you, and/or I’ll require that our first session be hosted out of a safe & discreet commercial dungeon of my choosing. This is for my safety and is non-negotiable.

› Do you do double-domme sessions?

Multi-domme sessions are some of my favorites. Inquire and I'll happily share a list of my preferred pro domme friends. Trusted subs gain the option of tributed playtime with my lifestyle partners, who exclusively session alongside me.

› Will you do a public scene with me?

That depends on the scene and the location. I’ll happily drag you naked on a leash through my favorite kink party, make you fetch different boxes for me at the shoe store, or subtly spit in your drink at a restaurant. I won’t, however, engage with anything that would violate the consent of onlookers or be misconstrued as nonconsensual abuse.

› Will you play without a safeword?

I'm very adept at reading body language but still require some sort of safety system- whether it’s a word, gesture, or signal. Even in CNC scenes.

› Do you do sissy scenes?

I deeply love doing full feminization transformations where the tone is constructive. Scenes like this can be very gender-affirming, and I love creating a nonjudgmental space for you to liberate and explore yourself under my guidance. I use my years of formal etiquette training to set impossibly high bars for my maids, my makeup skills to ready princesses for their photoshoots, and I’ve been known to teasingly objectify naughty girls in high heels.

But if you want to be humiliated because you think that wearing a dress makes you weak, I’m not the right domme for you. I don’t view cross-dressing as taboo and I refuse to perpetuate the belief that being feminine makes you inferior.

› Are you actually a dominant?

Yes. I was into the kink lifestyle a decade before I started doing this professionally, and I’ve always considered myself a dominant in my personal life.

› I’m another domme. How do I get in touch?

If you’re looking for…
- Client references: Email me with the subject line “Reference”
- Consultation on privacy/security best practices: Email me
- Booking a photoshoot: Email or DM me